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At Green and Gold Solar we take the time to find the perfect solar power package that best matches your requirements.

We understand that all homes are different. This is why our renewable energy consultants will work with you to better understand your individual energy needs and to help match a solar power package that is optimised for your home.

Finding the right solar power package for your business is very important. We know only too well how easy it is to end up with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month or quarter and we’re experts in finding solar packages and solutions for you that will reduce this pain as much as possible and start you saving those $ for something more worthy!

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Premium Solar Packages

When it comes to investing in solar power for your home, you want to make sure that you invest in a quality made system which will last the test of time, consistently and flawlessly producing clean free electricity for you year after year.

Our Premium Solar Power Packages features state-of-the-art Photovoltaic Inverters including the SMA, Samil, Solax, ABB, Aurora and the list goes on… We combine the technology in some of the worlds most renowned grid-tied, standalone and hybrid inverters with high yield monocrystalline or polycrystalline modules, representing one of the highest quality solar power systems on the market today.

The inverter is at the heart of every good solar installation and our brands are globally recognised for quality, reliability and service.

Here at Green & Gold we cater to the whole community. This means that we have systems for everyone no matter. Some of our products represent the highest value for money on the market today. Such as the Samil SolarRiver Inverter which is an Australian owned solar manufacturer with facilities producing inverters world-wide. As a sign of their quality Samil inverters were recently rated by Photon Magazine as the number #1 inverter manufactured in Asia.

For more information on one of our Solar Packages, speak to one of our sales consultants about the most efficient system for your needs.

Hybrid Packages

When you’re investing in a solar system, one of the questions you’re probably going to ask is what happens when the grid fails?

Rather than being told that if your power goes out, your system does too; our hybrid solar systems allow you to continue to draw electricity using a battery back up system. This may sound similar to the works of an off grid system (at a fraction of the cost), however the hybrid solar system will never be disconnected from the grid so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

This ensures you a high level of reliability when it comes to having a constant supply of electricity to your home.

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Our Vision is Simple!

At Green and Gold, our vision is simple: to provide the best quality products at the right price. The Samil brand was recently put to test by leading German solar reporters Photon Magazine. So how did the Samil inverters perform? Very well to say the least, managing to score top marks in every category. The Samil brand was even awarded “the best Asian” inverter tested.

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Since 2008, the out of pocket expense for a residential solar pv system has decreased by around 75%. Meanwhile, the electricity costs from your retailer has increased by 50%. Hedge your electricity cost for more than 25 years with your own solar pv system. It will also increase the real estate value of your property.

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