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At Green and Gold solar power, we are dedicated to using the best solar power products available and being on the leading edge of the renewable energy industry. We source our solar products from the best providers throughout the world to deliver the most optimum solar power systems for our clients.

Our Panels

REC Solar Module

REC was at the forefront of the industry since the company was formed as a specialized producer of multicrystalline wafers for the PV industry under the name ScanWafer AS in 1994.

REC’s high performance solar panels have been sold globally and are renowned for meeting the highest quality standards and providing stable power output over the lifetime of the product.

REC is committed to the production of clean energy and is continuously developing new technologies to lower carbon footprints and reduce energy payback time. Which makes them a great match for us here at Green & Gold Solar Australia.

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CSUN Solar Module

CSUN has extensive experience in the photovoltaic industry and is known for outstanding innovation and quality.

This is underlined by the fabrication of the world record silicon solar cell with a cell effi ciency of 25% by CSUN’s research team. In the past CSUN has supplied renowned European module manufacturers with cells.

Today, CSUN has an own module production capacity of 1.2 GW and has sold over 1.4 GW’s worth of modules since entering the solar modules market

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Jinko Solar Module

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar industry. JinkoSolar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base across the globe.

JinkoSolar has over 15,000 employees across its 5 productions facilities in Jiangxi and Zhejiang Provinces, China, Malaysia, Portugal and South Africa, 12 global sales offices in China, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico and 11 oversea subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, South Africa and Chile.

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Simax Solar Module

Simax Solar is a leading provider of solar cells and solar modules, We update and refine our products, from time to time, to align with new developments in the market place, enabling us to offer high-end products that help our customers get more solar projects. With 200 employees within less than a decade Simax solar has earned a good reputation for its high performance and economical solar panels.

The 250 watt solar panels (SM660-250) have a cell efficiency of 17.53% with a positive power tolerance, and 4 bypass diodes, making them even more effective.

Simax solar offers a 12 year product warranty, along with 25 years performance warranty, comparing well with the rest of the industry. Simax solar have all the certification required to sell in Australian market.

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Our Vision is Simple!

At Green and Gold, our vision is simple: to provide the best quality products at the right price. The Samil brand was recently put to test by leading German solar reporters Photon Magazine. So how did the Samil inverters perform? Very well to say the least, managing to score top marks in every category. The Samil brand was even awarded “the best Asian” inverter tested.

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Since 2008, the out of pocket expense for a residential solar pv system has decreased by around 75%. Meanwhile, the electricity costs from your retailer has increased by 50%. Hedge your electricity cost for more than 25 years with your own solar pv system. It will also increase the real estate value of your property.

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