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Green & Gold Solar is a National Provider of Solar Power Solutions from Residential Home Owners to Full Scale Commercial Systems.

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With extensive experience in this field, Green and Gold Solar are well placed to service the commercial market with many notable installations such as the Emerald Gardens Hotel and the Bexley RSL.

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Green & Gold Solar is a national provider of solar power solutions for residential home owners with experts who will offer the best system for your needs.

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Why Choose Green & Gold Solar?

Because we provide the best service.
Green & Gold Solar Australia not only lower home owner’s electricity bills tremendously, but we help save the environment one solar system at a time.

Since 2012, we have installed over 5.5 Megawatts of Photovoltaic Systems throughout Australia – that’s over 30,000 Solar PV Modules!

By offsetting this massive amount of carbon emissions and reducing over 15,000 customers electricity bills, Green and Gold Solar have been ranked as one of the Top 20 Solar PV companies in Australia.

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  • In 2013, the Club embarked on the direction to reduce our energy costs. Following a thorough analysis and tender process, Green and Gold Solar were chosen for our 87kW Solar Panel installation. Green & Gold showed us how reorientation of some of the solar panels from the initial design would result in increased efficiencies and hence a better return on investment. Greg from Green & Gold Solar thoroughly explained the technologies and the differences and benefits between the different brands and manufacturers of components. The Installation was neat and tidy and the team was very professional. As an Engineer myself, I thoroughly recommend Green & Gold Solar Australia.
    Anton Dworzak
    Bexley RSL
  • We are the type of people who will always deal locally when it is possible. Our first contact was a phone call to Paul Blake, and he responded immediately by coming to our home and explaining in simple detail what we could expect from the installation of a Solar System. A number of options were presented to us, and after due consideration, we chose the system best suited to our needs. It was professionally installed by Green & Gold Solar. Paul monitored the process and the outcome was totally satisfactory and free from any hassles. I have subsequently engaged Paul in the process of consulting with our Church Council to advise us on the possibility of providing a System to dramatically reduce the costs of power for our entire Church operation. The people involved have been most impressed with Paul’s professional approach and we are about to engage Green & Gold Solar to save us a great deal of money for power.

    Graham Chapman
  • My wife and I have reached the age where most of our capital expenditure is being invested in "last time" items; like house, car and now, solar power. So more than ever before our decisions have to be the right ones. I researched the subject to death and found the whole experience enlightening and even entertaining. I received quotes over the phone, online and by the old fashioned method of making an appointment and talking to me at home. Only four people came to my house. There were some wild generalisations thrown around in the first three interviews and some downright wrong and misleading claims made. The prices ranged from "Too good to be true," up to $1000 per panel. Then along came Paul Blake. I was struck by his sincerity and depth of product knowledge. And we were quoted very reasonable prices for tier one products.  When we learned Paul was representing a local company, Green and Gold, there were no further decisions to be made. The system has been operating for over two months now and is performing better than the performance levels promised. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul Blake and his team.

    Brian & Barbara Henson
    Kippa Ring, Qld
  • After many weeks of searching for a reputable company to install my new solar system I decided to go with Green and Gold. Matt Hursthouse Green and Gold's sales representative was the only Rep. to personally do a site inspection for my home installation. Matt's professional attitude and knowledge proved very helpful when it came to for-filling my solar installation requirements. Nick and his offsider did a great job on the installation. A special thanks to Finn Peacock who recommended 3 solar installer Companies of which Green and Gold was one.

    If needed, I would do it all again with Green and Gold.
    Monty Bowen
  • Firstly many, many thanks for your assistance or better still for making it all happen after hearing so many horror solar stories I did start a little hesitant but positive. A lot of the obstacle’s I had not envisaged; there was no stopping once it all started with you bearing the brunt on most of them and seeing them all through. It was very obvious this is not just a one man Matt Hursthouse show, your support was swift and on the mark they also are included with my thankyou’s making Green and Gold a well-oiled machine. I have only positive things to say about my solar experience please accept my apology for the delay in replying and sincere thankyou for a task well done to yourself and Green and Gold.

    Athol Macintyre
    Western Australia
  • I’m the proud owner of a Florist business in Brisbane that guzzles energy, as a cool room, air conditioning and bright light are essential. Late last year I was encouraged to share some time with a representative from Green and Gold Solar it discuss my store energy use and initiatives to reduce this spiralling cost. The Green and Gold Solar recommendation was simple and with performance guarantees assured the only other obstacle was how this could be funded. A number of suggestions were offered with one that fitted my criteria. At that point my commitment was given. The installations was well organised and the trades persons obviously seasoned experts as they started early one morning and finished late the same day. They were exceptional neat tidy and polite. Last week I received my first account since my system was commissioned by Energex. The savings well and truly exceeded my expectation. A big thanks to Matt and the team at Green and Gold Solar for such a simple and positive experience.
  • If only we’d done it sooner, since installing solar to our properties we are benefiting 10 fold. Our tenants are enjoying savings and we are enjoying the fact that we have the security of our tenants signing off on longer leases guaranteeing occupancy for years to come. In our own home we are enjoying the benefits of the reduced metered electricity usage and significantly lower running costs to the household. We are happy with our investment and glad we went with Green and Gold Solar, give Matt a call.

    Adam and Karly
  • Attaching latest bill for our electricity account. I will have do the sums over several accounts to see how it is all going. The hot water issue seems to be resolved now after your intervention. We have been very happy with the interest you have taken in ensuring that everything is going well and we are most impressed with your willingness to address ( in a reasonable timeframe ) any concerns we have had. We would be very happy to recommend your company. Thank you.

    George and Anne Christinson
  • I have to say I am completely relieved to have my solar system installed and I’m eager to monitor how much of a difference our PV system will make to our electricity bills and usage. I’m glad my installation went well and I felt like I had done my homework to ensure I received the best price, equipment, and workmanship, possible at the time.   

    Time will tell for sure, but now that we will be able to cover most, if not all, of our electricity usage through generating our own power via solar, the feeling is immensely satisfying. No more the victim of accelerating power prices, my family and I are now protected into the future.
    -- excerpt taken from article on --
    Mark Valencia