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Think seriously about protecting your investment!

At Green and Gold solar we give you the ability to add on-going solar maintenance programs to your complete solar package, ensuring that your solar system will give high returns, year on year for the lifetime of the system.

A Solar Power system is an investment in your energy future!

Make sure your Return on Investment is as high as possible, it is important that your system is maintained regularly. To make sure that your solar power system is performing its best, we recommend a 6 monthly check-up. Our qualified solar power technicians will ensure that your system is performing the best it can.

The Regional Solar Power Specialists

At Green and Gold Solar we are passionate about providing our regional solar customers in more remote areas with the same access to solar power as the rest of Australia. Anybody living in country Australia knows just how hot it can get, which makes country Australia one of the best places in the world to invest in solar power for your home.