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Free yourself completely from your Energy Retailer!

At Green and Gold Solar we understand that when it comes to solar electricity, everyone’s circumstances are different. Every day we come across customers wishing to cut ties with their electricity providers and turn their homes into completely self-sufficient power stations.

What is a Standalone Solar Power System

Typical Standalone Solar Power Systems consist of four main components

  • 1 Solar Panels which generate DC Electricity that will be fed to the…
  • 2 Solar Regulator which will control the amount of charge going to the…
  • 3 Deep Cycle Batteries which will store the electricity until it gets to the…
  • 4 Inverter/Charger which converts the DC Electricity into 240V/50Hz AC Electricity (Suitable for running your standard home appliances)

Any electricity not used by your home will remain in the batteries and once the sun comes up the next day, the solar panels will recharge your batteries again.

The whole process will continue to repeat itself keeping your batteries full of charge and your hard-earned cash in your back pocket.

Is a Standalone Solar Power System for me?

If you are one of the many homeowners who live on a rural property located several kilometres from the nearest mains power substation where the cost to connect to mains power can be an extremely expensive exercise, especially if it involves the purchase of a transformer which in total can sometimes be in excess of $30,000.00 just to have electricity.


You live in a remote area where the current costs of electricity just about passes the cost of building a new home.


You are sick of paying electricity costs and have ample amounts of unused space on your roof.

Then Yes! Installing a Standalone Solar Power System is for You!

What happens on Overcast Days?

Your Standalone Solar Power System will still generate power on overcast days, however you will need to store a minimum of 3-5 Days’ worth of power within your batteries as a pre-caution. This is another reason an Off-Grid Setup must be designed by a Standalone Systems Specialist within the Solar Power Industry.

Is it Cost Effective?

Amongst the Government incentives still available for Standalone Solar Power Systems which you can read more about here CleanEnergyRegulator.Gov.Au It is also a lot more sensible to harness the rays of the sun rather then buying power from the retailers.

With a Standalone Solar Power System you will be Completely self sufficient which means…

No more recurring energy bills from Retailers and Protecting yourself against Rising Energy Costs.

When the cost of connecting to the grid and signing up for a quarterly power bill outweighs the cost of owning your own electricity from the get go, it’s a much more sensible decision to opt for your very own Standalone Solar Power Plant.

Now that you know the Benefits, Let us show you how we can help.

Forget Your Electricity Bill… For Good!

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All the money you’ll save on Electricity Bills aside, Solar Power is one of the best
and most readily available Renewable sources of Energy on the Australian Market!