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Why Choose Solar Power?

It’s official – Australians love the sun. According to the Clean Energy Council, the number of Australian households with solar power has increased more than 35 times over the last three years. See why over 500,000 Australian homes have installed solar power:

There are two main incentive’s available for the installation of a Solar PV System in Australia. These are the Feed In Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) Also known as the “Solar Rebate”

Reduce or Kill your Electricity Bill

Depending on your energy usage, the size of your solar system and the available incentives (such as feed in tariffs) Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity and then an inverter converts DC electricity into the 240V electricity that powers your home or business. Your home or business remains connected to the main electricity grid, and any surplus electricity your system generates is exported back to the grid. When excess power is fed back into the main electricity grid, your electricity provider purchases this energy back from you. Some electricity retailers pay equal amounts (or more) for the electricity your system generates and the amount they charge you for regular electricity- So, if you generate more electricity than you use, your power bills will turn into credits for the excess power you feed back into the grid.

The power you use in the evening will not affect the bonus for power exported during the day. All new solar power applicants in QLD will receive a minimum FiT of 8c/kWh with a power company top up of 6-8c – making solar still a wise decisions given rising energy costs.

Take Advantage of Government Support

In Australia there are incentives offered by Federal & most State governements for the installation of Solar. So not only is it a great idea, but by the assistance of some incentives you could pay off your system quicker so that you can enjoy a dramatically reduced power bill sooner.

Save the Environment

Over 90% of Australia’s electricity is sourced by fossil fuels. Australia is the worst polluter per capita on Earth, but there’s something you can do about it. By installing a solar system you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help in the fight against global warming, providing a safer, cleaner world for future generations. Solar power will help you power your home with sustainable energy free from the sun.

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Words from our Customers

  • In 2013, the Club embarked on the direction to reduce our energy costs. Following a thorough analysis and tender process, Green and Gold Solar were chosen for our 87kW Solar Panel installation. Green & Gold showed us how reorientation of some of the solar panels from the initial design would result in increased efficiencies and hence a better return on investment. Greg from Green & Gold Solar thoroughly explained the technologies and the differences and benefits between the different brands and manufacturers of components. The Installation was neat and tidy and the team was very professional. As an Engineer myself, I thoroughly recommend Green & Gold Solar Australia.
    Anton Dworzak
    Bexley RSL
  • We are the type of people who will always deal locally when it is possible. Our first contact was a phone call to Paul Blake, and he responded immediately by coming to our home and explaining in simple detail what we could expect from the installation of a Solar System. A number of options were presented to us, and after due consideration, we chose the system best suited to our needs. It was professionally installed by Green & Gold Solar. Paul monitored the process and the outcome was totally satisfactory and free from any hassles. I have subsequently engaged Paul in the process of consulting with our Church Council to advise us on the possibility of providing a System to dramatically reduce the costs of power for our entire Church operation. The people involved have been most impressed with Paul’s professional approach and we are about to engage Green & Gold Solar to save us a great deal of money for power.

    Graham Chapman
  • My wife and I have reached the age where most of our capital expenditure is being invested in "last time" items; like house, car and now, solar power. So more than ever before our decisions have to be the right ones. I researched the subject to death and found the whole experience enlightening and even entertaining. I received quotes over the phone, online and by the old fashioned method of making an appointment and talking to me at home. Only four people came to my house. There were some wild generalisations thrown around in the first three interviews and some downright wrong and misleading claims made. The prices ranged from "Too good to be true," up to $1000 per panel. Then along came Paul Blake. I was struck by his sincerity and depth of product knowledge. And we were quoted very reasonable prices for tier one products.  When we learned Paul was representing a local company, Green and Gold, there were no further decisions to be made. The system has been operating for over two months now and is performing better than the performance levels promised. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul Blake and his team.

    Brian & Barbara Henson
    Kippa Ring, Qld
  • After many weeks of searching for a reputable company to install my new solar system I decided to go with Green and Gold. Matt Hursthouse Green and Gold's sales representative was the only Rep. to personally do a site inspection for my home installation. Matt's professional attitude and knowledge proved very helpful when it came to for-filling my solar installation requirements. Nick and his offsider did a great job on the installation. A special thanks to Finn Peacock who recommended 3 solar installer Companies of which Green and Gold was one.

    If needed, I would do it all again with Green and Gold.
    Monty Bowen